Every image represents your brand. At High Touch Studio we strive to meet the highest quality standards and ensure that each image fulfills your vision. We offer the convenience and reliability of a full-service retouching department, seamlessly managing the entire post-production process for you.

Your brand is unique. We take the time to understand your specific needs and unique brand and offer personal, responsive customer service and consistently excellent results that reflect your brand identity.

Talented and experienced. Our team of highly skilled retouchers can handle any retouching job from high volume e-commerce to the most exacting fashion and editorial work. Our experienced management ensures that we deliver excellence consistently and on schedule while being responsive to your needs.

Your world-class retouching department. Just a click away. Whether you have a single photo shoot, need help with unexpected overflows, or require an expert retouching team on an ongoing basis, High Touch Studio is your go-to retouching department offering high quality, reliable post-production services at competitive rates.

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